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Tmore Display Custom Design Process

Tmore Display Custom Design Process

Design Consultation

Tmore custom-made design for your eyewear display can help to creat a strong company’s Visual Identity.

All we need is your company LOGO, Fonts, Photos, colors, shapes and forms and any other visuals helping to convey your brand’s message, Then we will present you with excellent VI design. we mix your inputs with our 10 years of combined rich experience designing and manufacturing point of purchase displays within the eyewear industry.

Contact us now let us to help you to creat an unique company visual identity.

The design service is FOR FREE!

Virtual 3D Rendering

The virtual 3D rendering portion of design process is where we begin to take the chosen concept sketches into a 3D CAD engineering program. This is where we begin to really start to see everything come together in a virtual environment of what the displays going to look like. After the CAD model is finished it’s taken into another program which applies skins to the CAD models that produce the jaw dropping renderings that Tmore Designs is known for. Below are examples of some different virtual rendering that you could expect to see as a client.


Prototype Sample

The prototyping portion of the design process is really where the rubber meets the road and true craftsmanship shines through. The prototype sample is broken up into a three stage process at Tmore Designs, the first sample being the “scratch prototype” is where we mock up a sample that is only taking into consideration the function of the display, fits and finishes, and sizing elements. The second being the “Tmore prototype” is what is sent to the client for their final approvals from the CAD drawings. The final sample is the “production prototype” where we make any final changes prior to producing large volumes of products.


This is where all the files within the CAD programs are checked over for the final reviews making any changes needed prior to production. This is the stage during custom design process that you must be most cautious of considering the implications of a mistake in a drawing file that may be produced a thousand times over. This is also where all the final package engineering is finished and shipping tests are done to make sure that the product ships arrives alive.

Production Run!

The production process is the final step to the custom design process. It’s where everything is assembled, packed out and shipped.


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