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The global eyewear market reached US$95 billion in total valuation

The global eyewear market reached US$95 billion in total valuation

According to In 2016, the global eyewear market reached US$95 billion in total valuation. Eyewear products, which span the entire globe, feature among the most iconic consumer products of the decade.


Eyewear products are being consumed on a global scale, regardless of the differences in culture and demographic setting. Plus, gone are the days when age factor and eye problems were the only factors driving people into purchasing eyewear products. 

For instance, most youngsters wear sunglasses purely for cosmetic purposes, or to keep up with the fashion trend. Furthermore, lifestyle choices, including outdoor excursions and addictive media devices (TV’s, gaming consoles), have instigated the demand for eyewear products.


Take the United States for instance. The online sale of plano sunglasses, back in 2014, reached a count of 5.7 million units. In 2015, the sale of plano sunglasses generated US$218 million. In comparison, the entire eyewear market raked in US$34.45 billion.


From the look of things, there's a lot of potential in the eyewear niche. Whether you plan to run an online or offline store, you have all the reasons to give it a shot. Let's move on to the next interesting part of the sunglasses suppliers list.

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