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Acrylic display processing

Acrylic display processing

Acrylic display processing

Acrylic comes in sheet, rod, tubes and different finishes as such glossy, semi-glossy, matt, frosted in regular  thickness of  1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 8.0,10.0, 12,15,20, 25, 30 mm etc.

Generally the steps as follows:

1. Cutting
Laser cutting is a non-contact cutting method. Laser cutting acrylic can cut acrylic into various shapes at will, cutting characters, cutting patterns, furniture, etc. Application laser cutting machine can use acrylic to make various logos, including complex patterns, etc., which has a very important role and position in the advertising industry. Acrylic cutting is the most common process for laser cutting machine acrylic applications.

2. Punching

Acrylic can also be directly punched. Compared with glass, acrylic has very good mechanical processing characteristics. Using a laser cutting machine to punch holes has very high assembly accuracy. Just make pictures in the computer and pass the computer and get punched.

3. Polishing
Acrylic itself has high transparency. After polishing the acrylic, it has the crystal-like high transparency. The polished acrylic is very smooth and very appreciative. It can be used for a variety of crafts.

4. Hot bending
Acrylic material will melt at 70°-100°, you can use this heat to modify the shape of acrylic, including irregular shape. Acrylic hot bending can be achieved in different ways. Many acrylic plates can be placed on a set of hot bending machines and shaping dies at the same time for hot bending and shaping. Most of the hot bending is only through single or parallel lines. The angle of hot bending can be fixed according to the need to control the angle.


we can print any color and image you like on the acrylic surface

6. Gluing
Being glued is a very manual testing process. Being glued is a very manual process. When gluing, we must pay more attention to the location and the accuracy of the process, otherwise there will be a lot of defective products affecting sales.

7. Assembling:
Assembly is the process of combining various processed acrylics to complete a product. This is also the last step of a complete set of crafts, and it will also appear in this last step to check whether the previous process is qualified.

Acrylic materials  become an important supplement to us as an professional manufacturer specializing in displays :  Acrylic holders, acrylic display, acrylic pop display, acrylic display shelf, acrylic gift box, acrylic menu holder and some small count top displays. Products for certain industries: such as glasses, cosmetics, jewelery, apparel, shoes, etc and some parts of displays that involve acrylic parts

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